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  • Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Field Trips & More!

    Looking for tickets for today? Same day tickets are available through our phone line at 1-630-851-6930


  • Special Pricing and Times!

    ...for the price of a 2 hour ticket? Every Thursday join us for extended party times!  Buy a $20 ticket for each player, but extend your visit from the usual 2 hour time. You can arrive as early as 4:30 pm every Thursday and play until close at 8:00 pm.   That's over 3 hours of game time for only $20 per player!  ...are available at 50% OFF our regular ticket price! Rent out [...]

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    Chasers Tickets Naperville

    What is the $20 Ticket at Chasers? We've researched fun centers all over the country to give you the most amount of games for your dollar.  You can't find more game time anywhere.  Buy a ticket, put your wallet or purse away, and have fun for two hours.  Chasers sells a limited number of tickets to maximize your game time.  This ticket is purchased through our website[...]

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