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    Looking for tickets for today? Same day tickets are available through our phone line at 1-630-851-6930

  • We're Moms and Dads too, and, talking with our customers, we know how hard it can be to get an accurate count of attendees for your party. So, to make things easier , we've come up with a pay per player party system.  You don't need to lock yourself into a package before your event.  Just pick a count that seems close to what you are looking for and then buy the number of tickets you are comfortable with. We will adjust your total bill on your arrival when you have your final count.           It's that easy!



    We've researched fun centers all over the country to give you the most amount of games for your dollar.  You can't find more game time anywhere.  Buy a ticket, put your wallet or purse away, and have fun for two hours.  Chasers sells a limited number of tickets to maximize your gaming experience.  This ticket is purchased through our website calendar and, just like a movie ticket, is good for a certain date and time.  Game play is unlimited during your two hour event.  You will have access to laser tag, our free arcade, climbing area for ages 11 and younger, X-Box Room and Robot battlestations during your two hour event.

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  • Does Chasers serve food?

    Often, other places will offer food with their party packages and a certain amount of tokens and then they will "up-sell" you when you arrive. At Chasers, all games are free to play with every ticket purchase for two hours and there is no up-selling, or hidden costs or service fees.  Not only does Chasers have an open food policy where you are welcome to bring in, (or have delivered), any food you wish, but we often work with local restaurants to give you an unbeatable price on food for your party. On your confirmation email will be a list of suggested pizza restaurants.  

    What do you get for a $20 Ticket at Chasers?

    At Chasers Laser Tag, our plan is to keep crowds small so you get big game time! Every $20 Ticket is a 2 hour play-pass.  We run games approx every fifteen minutes and when you are taking a break in between laser tag games, enjoy our FREE to play arcade, X-Box room, climbing areaand our custom built Robot Battlestations, built exclusively for Chasers. All of these games are included with your $20 ticket. You have unlimited play time during your two hour event.

     Do you get anything extra for bigger groups?

    Abso-lootly!! You can build a party package for yourself by LEVELING UP your group. The more tickets you buy for your event, the more we LEVEL UP your group or party by giving them extra free loot! Check out our three LEVEL UP ranks below! For any kids party with 20 tickets or more, we offer the "Parent's Grab a Pack Play" where an adult can grab available laser tag packs and jump in a game free of charge.

     Do you need to buy all your tickets in advance?

    Though we recommend buying your tickets in advance, we understand you may not have a 100% accurate count. Just buy what you are comfortable with.  We automatically assume a count of +/-5 with every reservation and will upgrade you to a package if needed when you arrive.

     I'm not expecting 15 players. Can I still get a party room?

    You sure can. You can rent a party room with napkins, plates, forks, and knives for $40 for 90 minutes. Just type that in on "Notes for Chasers Staff" when you buy your tickets.

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  • We are constantly updating. Chasers has been one of the top laser tags in Illinois for almost twenty years, and we've accomplished that by constantly changing and adding new things. New packages, new web sites, and even new locations! We add new games and ideas all the time. And to top it off, our arena is HUGE. We call it a stadium and it really is one of a kind. And lastly, but most important, we only sell a small amount of tickets for every two hour period, to give you the most game time for your dollar. 

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